About Us

AMD Plus was born from the marriage of innovative ideas and determination of hard work. When we set out to build our company, we wanted to create an infrastructure which would organically grow and nurture business concepts, turning them into viable business opportunities.

AMD Plus, LTD is a holidings company focused on the development of the assets of both our stockholders as well as our strategic partners by acquiring and developing a range of dynamic and interrelated companies in emerging fields.

Our project managers and IT consultants are amongst the top professionals in their field. We believe very firmly that while the world is a dangerous place, proper policy and security protocols help protect your data. Security is the highest level of quality, and cannot be sacrificed at any cost. We work to ensure that both HIPPA and PCI compliancy is maintained ensuring that your data, as well as that of your clients, is protected.

AMD Plus Limited is an Illinois Corporation whose ownership is made up of a group of private investors. In accordance with our corporate bylaws, the administration of the corporation fully rests on its Board of Trustees, which in turn elects a CEO to run the day to day operations of the corporation. Currently, the Board has elected Andrew D'Amico as our Chief Executive Officer.